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Fotografia de marti #22



Pssst: si as vrea sa va mai spun ca o poezie de-a mea a aparut in revista Vine Leaves Literary Journal (la pag. 15): No message in a bottle. Sper sa va placa :)

No message in the bottle

I come to myself in waves.


muddy water from unknown rivers
roaring water from storms in the depths
boiling water from the belly moon

I feed all the fish, like Jesus
with bits and pieces of my breasts.

On the shore
I scream
the same message in each bottle
incomprehensible even to myself
(might be my name) over and over again
The sea throws back at me
empty bottles
drowned mermaids and silly pirates
babies in seashells
ghosts, treasures of mismatched words
diamond ships carrying the sun
dying inside.

I come to myself in waves.


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